Climate and clothing
November temperatures in Birmingham usually range between 4-10°C with a high possibility of some rainy days so dress warm.

Dietary requirements
Delegates with special dietary requirements should inform ICOSPA2020 Secretary along with your accommodation reservation.

Passport and Visas – Countries outside of the EU
If you are travelling to the UK from outside the EU you may need a standard visitor visa. And even if you do not need one at this moment int time When the UK leaves the EU, the rules for how long you can stay without a visa may change. Please to check if you require a visa before travelling click here.

Credit & Debit cards
Visa and Mastercard are the most common type of cards, while American Express and Diners Club cards are less commonly accepted but still facilitated.

Insurance – travel insurance
Organizing Committee cannot assume any responsibility for personal accident, loss or damage to the private property of participants and accompanying persons, which may either occur during or arise from the conference. Participants should therefore take whatever steps they consider necessary as regards insurance.

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