Call For ICOSPA Papers

Topics: Day 1 

Papers are requested in line with the themes for the ICOSPA Congress 2020. The committee will review all papers and the best ones will be presented at the event.

Topics: Day 2 

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  1. Please submit the abstract/synopsis in English (maximum 500 words) before 31st March 2020 to:
    Contact: Ms. Louise Campbell
    Confederation of British Metalforming
    Confederation of British Metalforming
    National Metalforming Centre
    47 Birmingham Road, West Bromwich
    West Midlands B70 6PY
    t - +44 (0) 121 601 6350
    e -
  2. Please offer the authors’ name and affiliation (including company, title/position, phone, E-mail).
  3. The Organizer will inform whether the paper is accepted before 30th April 2020. Please send the proposed paper, while receiving admission notice, in Microsoft Word/PDF. format by Email before 31st May 2020.
  4. The Deadline of Sending Proposed Presentation PPT is June 2020, program to be announced.

Contact us about ICOSPA 2020 

 +44 (0)1216016350